The meadows

About Arya Kamal Roy

Arya Kamal Roy is a colourful person with contrasting traits that makes his personality a sort of tantalizing paradox. Although he is pretty unpredictable in nature, he is somebody on whom one can fall back upon in times of distress as he is a friend in the true sense of the term and certainly an interesting person. Often referred to as the “jack of all trades and master of none”, he may be called versatile but often ends up creating ruckus and pandemonium when assigned a serious task as he never really takes life seriously. He is a fun loving and easy going lad with a facetious sense of humour; and again he is a sensitive and emotional boy devoted to his family and other people he cares for. Also, he is an ambitious, intelligent, creative, and outspoken youngster, with fire in the belly. Consistently inconsistent, he aims at competing with his own past and bringing about some change for the better. But at the same time, he has vowed to be the same person he is forever and never compromise with his values. Thus, he is quite a bizarre but loved guy who is very unique indeed though he apparently seems to be the simplest of folks.

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Once upon a time, I strolled across the meadows.

In anticipation to steal a trifle glance.

Silhouetted against the picturesque casuarina tree.

Below the mesmerising star studded firmament.

Seated in the central stronghold of my most coveted conscience.

Lucubrated indefatigably with my far-fetched imagination.

You seemed impalpable.

By the ode I made to you.

I could only feel you beyond the chateau.

I strolled across the meadows.

In broad daylight.

I witnessed the remnants of my poetry in reality.

Your eternal beauty blended with the splendour of profound elegance.

Your shimmering eyes savoured the ease of effortless brilliance.

I stood yonder and not miles apart.

I strolled across the meadows.

Desperate to steal a glance.

Drenched in the depths of blissful lust.

Only to lose my casket filled with memoirs upto the brim.

Only to let loose the care of affection beneath that hideous masqueraded visage.

I strolled across the meadows.

Oh! Lush green meadows.

Only to find my former self.


Seated contented there.

In anticipation to revoke its past.

I strolled across the meadows.

Spellbound by your grace.

I stopped.

To let go of the illuminated yet disillusioned trace.

I strolled across the meadows again.

Burst into tears that wiped my regret.

Nullified and purified in spirit.

I strolled across the meadows.

Over and over again.


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  • Dirag B.16/06/2017 at 6:21 PM

    Beautifully Written, Mate. ❤
    Reminded Me Of My Juvenile, Jejune Days. :’)

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