The Lemon Tree

About Nazneen Kachwala

Nazneen is an engineer by profession and a poet at heart! She founded WINGED FABLES so as to promote the concept of storytelling and community gathering among people. She uses her craft to create endless ripples to tune in the melodies of love and harmony. A corporate trainer, writer, and advocate of the Yoga philosophy, Nazneen loves adventure and is fond of traveling, reading, and watching science fiction and documentaries of the stars and galaxies.

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Like an oyster
were the seeds
carrying this giant
miracle in belly
under the dust
to tear it
apart as lightening
breakdowns the sky
a sudden flash

and I see
the newly born
crying out loud
to the world
let me grow
smiling under sunshine
playing in rain
and then becoming
a graceful lady
with perfect bends
her musty scent
holding the world
in it’s foliage
where the wings
flutter to go
and come back
with flowing dark
it sings twice
dusk and dawn
some visitors yet
often here halt
and then you
ask who lost
love, family, home
she’s seen enough
now she’s old
contend at peace
awaiting her death
crippled to fall
and then reborn
to tell stories
of the past.


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