The Late Fall

About Sandeep Varma

I am an EX-IT employee, who has decided to take a break from everything non-creative, hoping to get back into what I love doing.

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As I stand in the rain;
Hopes lost,
Desires drowned, and
Dreams blown to pieces.
I ask myself, why so late?
I see the children playing,
Their radiant faces reflecting
The reason for their happiness;
And happy, they should be.
Yet; no one tries to read my mind;
Why I stand here; no one seems to care.

Looking back; I see
My yesterday; bright as ever,
Reflecting the glorious past
Of the broken heart I have now.
Dripping wet in the falling rain,
Hoping it would take away my past;
But the reality of my life stays on.

My incomplete past,
My uncertain future,
Is what I have, to resume-
From where I stopped.
Weighing me down,
My heart ceases for a moment.
A moment is all that I ask for.
Yet; no one seems to give.

As I stand in the rain,
Waiting to exhale;
I ask myself, why so late?
Tears, with tiny droplets of rain,
Flow down my cheeks; my life that is-
Standing still; waiting…
For whom I do not know.
I cry silently.
The reason I do not to know-
The reason I would never want to know.


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