The Jungle’s Cry

About Shubham Nath

Shubham Nath studies in class eight in DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, SILIGURI. His hobbies are writing and playing games. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up. His main motto is to live without any restrictions, limits or borders, and live it the way he feels he should.

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The lion’s roar,
The grunt of a boar,
A bird’s flying,
A wolf’s crying.

All of these remind me of the jungle,
Getting destroyed like an infection too fungal,
I don’t understand why people don’t try,
To hear the loud and painful jungle’s cry

They cut, they chop, they hack.
Cutting it without thinking, without turning back,
Those trees in which poor animals stay,
Are being cut, taken away.

Why, why, why?
Do so many jungles die,
Why do people not try,
To hear that cry, that painful jungle’s cry.


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