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An accountant's journey of 40 years gathering non- financial insights about people , their relationships & their environment . Learning from the experiences of the many who have travelled before and trying to create enjoyable readings from words , ideas and self-realizations .

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Recap :
Gayatri and Jamshid met Satori at the Monastery
where the Chief Monk revealed the possible location
of the valley of Shangri-La.
The three formed an alliance
and decided to pursue this new expedition.

The road to Mansarovar Lake was well travelled by the three on many previous occasions. In this journey their togetherness, their growing love for each other, was new. The journey was short as they did not pursue the traditional pedestrian approach; they were conserving their energies for the unknown ahead.
Their minds were on a longer path of understanding, unravelling the true meaning of the world and its individual purpose. Like the snow mountains and the serenity of the waters of Mansarovar Lake, their minds were presently at peace and hearts were filled with their courage of conviction.
Gayatri felt a mental bond as strong as the physical attraction towards Jamshid. The joy in a touch, the thrill of a merged glance and the yearning after a missed hour, were all novel excitements for both. They shyly surrendered to their desires under the affectionate smiles of the Monk.
For Satori, devotion and love was a natural way of every substance. Everything had a heart, a beat, a cycle of changing forms and no constraints of Time and Space. He saw himself in the hearts, minds and bodies of the other two and had no need for the rationale of pouring love.
All felt a sense of the final call as they prepared themselves for the onward journey to the real Mansarovar. To Jamshid’ s Shangri-La and Gayatri’s Swans.
The Chief Monk had collaborated well with all the authorities under the wrap of utmost secrecy. They had all the resources needed for the expedition. For the next few months, in a secluded, untouched part of the Lake, the three went through an intense drill of deep diving and exploring the underground structures below the now slowly freezing Lake.
There were others before them who had tried and failed; robots using sophisticated equipments had failed too. Maybe they were all searching for the Impossible in vain. Or possibly there was only one approach to the rediscovery of Shangri-La.
And now these three had a deep drive, their coming was an inner calling. The Chief Monk sensed a rarity in this blending of three hearts and their deep search within. He blessed them to follow their longings.
The three searched under water in areas identified by the technicians. At certain depths, an opening would lead to a vast surface lake, which was not visible as it would be deep down. There were many water bodies, many lakes that were traced, but never the other Mansarovar;
The depth increased over the days; little light reached below the frozen ice. As they went deeper, they encountered a world of strange living things – the giant sea spiders, beetle-like creatures, and more. Further down, the diversity was mesmerizing. The sea fans, shellfish, soft corals, sponges, small fishes, fixed plant like animals and more.
And there were layers of underground ice caves, untouched for millions of years. There was one, among the many, which they sought. There were no maps here; only a broad outline drawn by Jamshid’s ancestor and simply their inner eyes to seek.
Increasingly, they felt the pull as they dived into greater depths; there was an inner direction to pursue a path.
Then one day, they took leave of the Chief Monk and all those who assisted them over the months. They dragged the mountaineering equipments as they dived; robots helped to ease the navigation. And they searched, the meditating Monk guided their minds through numbing cold and pressure depths.
Under inhuman weather conditions, the three communicated with their eyes and hearts. They awaited a signal from the source. They now looked for others to guide them. They had used their drive, their knowledge and now had the will to surrender to inner strength and seeking, to let others hold out a helping hand.
There were doubts, the last tentacles restraining total surrender. Slowly under assuring eyes of Satori, they became like the unreal creatures of deep sea; holding physical laws in abeyance and concentrating on looking for the Sign.
Where their minds agreed, with unrelenting courage, they stopped at a cave where their hearts led, holding their hands, switching of their lamps and for the briefest eternal moment, they held their breaths… looking through their inner eyes…


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