The Ignored Legends

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just a soul, trying to cling on to memories and keeping together a million pieces of mind.

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Hail the heroes who save our lives!
Soldiers, doctors, and scientists are the only heroes we claim
Well folks, i ask,
don’t we overrate human race as the only legend?
What about trees, flowers, plants –
all the wild beauty of the world rooted in soil?
Do we ever reflect on
our indifference to nature’s turmoil!
Heroes are heroes
and I won’t really change the term
for the core being behind our elemental survival
You, me, and all beings
without plant life can neither breathe nor be
Turn the wheel and look into your past,
then have a glimpse at the gleaming future that you ask
Do you see that
humans will come and they might go,
but nature would always remain
either to love you back if you will
or to overthrow you one day
if you don’t care!
When you crumble a leaf under your shoe,
do you hear the groans of this dying fellow
or ever realise that every single leaf is one of the lifelines you owe!
Look at the soft greens
and the nature’s bounty around you,
trace the beautiful curves of leaves,
and also tread along their painful bends
Until you don’t touch base
with the thousand scars on nature’s face,
you wouldn’t recognise that wild life is
this planet’s unacknowledged but eternal legend!


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