The Highway Banyan

About Joel Guha

just a soul, trying to cling on to memories and keeping together a million pieces of mind.

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The highway was long and amidst,

Behold, the never ending miles,

Who did notice, the strong banyan,

‘Ere she stood by the piles?


No one to watch her,

None there to feed,

Who did notice her struggle there,

Amongst the lazy weed?


And there she stood, strong like a prayer,

With her arms stretched out for the sky;

Who would ever dare,

Leave her in such a tie?


I watched her through my shines,

As she grew weaker on my way,

Mornings and evenings past her, oh!

Though it arrived, that unexpected and expected day…


Amongst the green grass,

Amidst the green hay,

Unnoticed by the passers-by,

Leisurely was she bound to lay.


And there my heart ripped apart,

As I bent down on my knee;

For she had borne something, never imagined..

Until the unknown set her free.



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  • Jaskaran Singh Dhingra12/08/2017 at 3:12 AM

    A sublime presence of mind I must say.Taking the world into a boat of thoughts riding all over the panicked sea.YOU ARE AWESOME DEAR.

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