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About Nisha Manu Saharia

Nisha Manu Saharia belongs to Assam and was born in January 1999 to the truck driver Sri Jayanta Saharia, and Bharati Saharia. She wants to become a teacher.

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Rahim was a truck driver and had a very sweet family of two daughters and a wife. Being a truck driver, he often had to stay away from his family due to his duty. His two daughters, Saheba and Nasima always waited for him to return. Saheba was fifteen-years-old and Nasima was ten-years-old. They both loved their father a lot. His wife Nureeda always worried for her husband because he had to go to various unknown areas and at times to some dangerous places.

One day, Rahim was out of his town and was going to Manipur to unload his truck. He was continuously driving. Sometime later, he stopped in a hotel as he was very hungry and tired. He rested for a while and later that night, he resumed his journey. After some hours, he reached Manipur where he had to spend three days. Back home, his family kept thinking of him and his daughters eagerly waited for him. Rahim was also missing his family.

After three days, when he was returning to his hometown, the unexpected happened. As he drove, he saw two college students walking in the middle of a narrow road right in front of his truck. Rahim honked but they could not hear the sound of the horn because they were wearing earphones and were busy with their phones. Rahim lost control over his truck and unfortunately, one of the students was hit. Soon some people gathered. Rahim got off the truck and called the ambulance. Not only did he send the injured student to the hospital but also went along with him.  Rahim paid all his medical expenses and did everything in his capacity to save the boy. But the family members of the student thought that it was entirely Rahim’s fault and blamed him for the suffering of their child. However, when Rahim explained to his parents that how their son was busy over the phone and did not pay attention to the sound of the horn, they understood the circumstances under which the accident took place. They apologised for misbehaving.

The next day Rahim returned home and narrated the whole incident to his family. His elder daughter Saheba started thinking about it. When she heard that the students who are the future of the country are breaking the safety rules, she was very disturbed as it is not a good thing And she also thought about the narrow roads that lead to various road accidents in the day to day life.

Saheba thought that the authorities should spread more awareness and take the right measures to implement road safety, as in this modern technological world all people are busy with their screens, are not alert and have become careless towards their valuable lives. She decided to do something to highlight the problem to the authorities and wrote an application requesting them to take necessary steps for road safety.

When she told her father about her move, Rahim was very happy for his daughter’s understanding and intelligence and congratulated her. They authorities praised Saheba for her great thoughts and decided to take some essential measure for it. It indeed was a major breakthrough for Saheba, a truck driver’s daughter who is now closely associated with the cause. She takes up the problems faced by the truck drivers due to the carelessness displayed by the people towards their own lives and spreads awareness and knowledge to ensure safer driving environments on the road.


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