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Born on 12th June 2000, Madhu hails from district Sonipat, Haryana. She is currently an under-graduate student pursuing medicine. Born to truck driver Shri Sunil and Srimati Rajesh Devi, Madhu aspires to be a good doctor. She believes that after God if there is someone who can save people’s life, it is a doctor. She has the noble intention of saving people’s life especially the poor ones who are not able to afford good medication due to poverty.

I wish to write about my father and other family members. My father is a good and disciplined citizen. He is very hard-working person and he manages the family with great difficulty. I am indebted to my father because even though my father is poor, he has given me every opportunity for good education. He also provided me the support and freedom to choose my career. We are very poor. My father comes home after many days. He has to endure many troubles while driving. But for our sake he forgets these troubles. We are unable to contact him for many days. There are days when we don’t even know whether he has eaten or not. When I ask him, he says he is yet to arrive at a hotel. We end up wondering whether we have eaten but father has not done so.

He is very hard-working person and he manages the family with great difficulty. We always worry that nothing untoward should happen to him. But his life is filled with danger. But still he shows as if he is very happy. Many times he has faced thieves and robbers while driving in secluded spots. When his truck gets stuck he thinks the first thing that comes in his mind is to deliver the goods on time so that the goods may don’t get spoilt. He drives day and night to deliver the goods on time. He is not very educated but supports us for education in every possible way. He understands it too well that without education life will not be successful. Education is very important for our lives. Hence I thank you for giving me the chance to write something about my father and express my feelings about my father. I am proud of my father.

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