The Fallen Leaves

About Amulya Nanda

I am a 12th grade student. Being a voracious reader from a very young age has allowed me to explore my creativity in poetry and small articles. My mantra is always to stay true to myself and my art through which I can communicate with others. I participate in dramas, recitation and debate competitions at school and have been a guest editor from my school for TIMES NIE NEWSPAPER. I look forward to exploring deeper into my passions and be the change the world wants to see.

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Tears fall from our eyes
Just like autumn leaves falling after life
“Why am I like this
Why everything has to be like this.”

Dumped by herself
She stood infront of the mirror
Staring, she lost her pallor
With a knife she slit her wrist
And there we have another victim
of the Public wish

Reading this, I always wondered
Why do we see ourselves like a blunder
Why are we falling like leaves from trees
Can’t we just accept the way we be

How is the world so strong to dictate their life
Why do we even believe in those lies
Can’t we for once prove them wrong
Cant we for once just be strong

I know she was tired
Her heart full of fire
But can’t we accept ourselves just how we are
Can’t we see how different we are

Why being different is never good
What is the point in being just how others look
Isn’t our uniqueness our specially
Oh! the world doesn’t know hospitality

I ask everyone to look within
They need to stop looking as it as a sin
Accept the way you are
Accept the magic you are

Your soul is bright
Just like your might
You are not the leaves that fall from trees
You are the leaves that makes the tree


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