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Insha Faridoon is a teen ager from Mumbai, studying in tenth grade. Her hobbies include reading, writing, singing, listening to music and photography. She loves to travel and often writes her experiences so that memories are documented somewhere lest they fade with time.

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21 December, 2017

Enroute India to Canada

6:38 AM

I don’t think I have ever been voluntarily awake at this hour. Mummy and Papa are sleeping and I am just sitting here, writing. Just trying to spend some time with myself! All my friends would be in school by now, no doubt having more fun than I, trapped inside a cramped airplane. My miserable attempts to sleep had failed and so I thought, why not write an entry in the diary as my grandmother asked me to?

The view outside the window is AMAZING. There is a well-lit city below us, with its roads glittered by a thousand sparkling street lights. We pass by the neon lights of a stadium and now it is slowly starting to disappear. I look straight ahead and see stars; they are almost parallel to my eyes. I have never seen stars this bright before. Living in a city, any sight of natural beauty is rare. I feasted my eyes on the view until I couldn’t see the stars any more.

Again, I feel my eyes drooping. See, here’s the reason I hate planes; they are very uncomfortable. You are restricted to a small area and you have to remain confined for the whole duration of the flight. The only people who can sleep properly are the people in the first class. I mean, even buses have seats that can be stretched for a comfortable sleep.

There might be valid reasons for the lack of sleeping space for economy passengers. Maybe a specific number of seats to be packed to make it commercially viable, the safety precautions and issues with weight. But right now, I am too angry and sleep deprived to care.

Mummy and Papa are happy in their dreamland and I am bored out of my mind. I try to amuse myself by listening to songs, watching a movie, playing games on my phone, reading a book, but my mind keeps wandering back to school. What my friends would be doing, how would be the Christmas celebrations, what about those who are going for the school trip?



It’s 11:34 in Amsterdam.

We are at Schipnol Airport (pronounced as Ski- fol). Once again, I am very bored. Travelling is fun only when you are doing something exciting. Idle time is immensely tedious.

Schipnol Airport is very beautiful. There are many different lounges. Even though I don’t know much about architecture, I can tell that this place is bounteous in its art and architecture. There is a lounge with a small library. I loved it, although almost all the books are in Dutch. There are many seats in the lounge, big enough so that the passengers tired from their long journey could lay down and rest.

We stop for breakfast at a bake-house called ‘Bread!’ I figure that the Dutch really like their bread. We buy a freshly-made walnut cake and some tea. The cake is warm and soft, it just seems to melt in the mouth. We sit in the lounge for some time, enjoying the free wifi. When it is time for us to board the flight, we go to the other side of the airport towards the gates. This is when I see all the amazing things that we hadn’t seen before. Duty-free shops, a cafe with teacups for seats, a shop selling tulips and tulip bulbs, a bookshop, and more. We regret not having spent more time

exploring, but can you blame us? We had spent 9 hours in an airplane, more than I have ever travelled before. We needed some rest.

The flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver is not as bad as the previous one because this time I know what would be coming. I watch a few movies and time just seems to fly away. This could be due to the changing time-zones. One minute I look out of the window and it is daylight. And the other minute, it is dark outside. It seems like this ‘day’ is never going to end.

We soon reach Vancouver Airport. We had prepared ourselves for the cold, both mentally and physically, but it was clearly not enough as I start shivering as soon as I step outside the airport. I have already started missing the warmth of the airport. We get into a taxi at the earliest, since all vehicles have a heating system. The taxi driver turns out to be an Indian and my dad starts a conversation with him. We reach the hotel we are supposed to be staying at. By this time I am ready to drop. I somehow get through the whole check-in process and reach the room, after which I fall onto the bed, cover myself with blankets and the mind-buzzer goes off. I wake up only after nine hours have passed. Safe to say that we will have almost no jetlag for the next few days.


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