The Emotional Struggle

Kokku Thriveni

Born in August 1995, Kokku Thriveni belongs to Shrirangapuram village in Telangana. She is the daughter of the truck driver Kokku Laxminarayana and Kokku Kotamma and training for IES. She has completed B.Tech and aspires to become an Electronic Engineer.

My dad is a lorry driver and has 18 years of experience in driving. During this time, he has faced a lot of problems too. However, owing to his experience and driving skills, he has never had an accident on the road while driving. I can confidently say that he has attained a kind of seniority in his profession. Nevertheless, unfortunately, he was once held in a robbery case. Unnecessarily he was sent to the police custody and suspected to be guilty. My mother was very afraid at that time as my father was also sent to the jail for a week. We were very sad and scared. My mother was crying a lot. But we did not lose faith in God, and my dad was soon released from the jail. We were very happy and thanked God from the bottom of our hearts.

My father has to teach driving to the new lorry drivers and solve their driving problems. It is a part of his duty. He often does not eat or sleep when he goes for the driving duty at night. My father has sacrificed a lot for us in his entire life. While driving, sometimes he does answer our call or his phone is out of reach and does not have a signal. In such situation, our minds are filled with all sorts of negative thoughts. We can’t eat nor are we able to relax and ease ourselves. We wonder what could have happened to him; whether he has met with an accident or is he in some other kind of danger. We face such emotional difficulties very often. The practical situation on road for him is not as challenging as the emotional situations. But my father has a lot of patience.

I have a younger sister as well who is also studying. I have learned a lot from my father. Courage, bravery, and patience are the foremost teachings that I have gained from his profession. At first, he was a lorry cleaner and a few years later he became the lorry driver. ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect’ is an apt phrase for my father.

My career ambition is to become an electronic engineer but finding a good job opportunity will be challenging. My father is very hard working but he is paid a very small amount of salary. This money is used completely just to pay our college fees. We don’t have our own house yet. Therefore, I planned that whenever I acquire a job, I will first buy a small house for my mom and dad. It is my ambition. Sometimes my daddy has a fever or health problem. In such bad health conditions also, he has to go to fulfil his driving duty. Once my sister had a major health problem and my father was not with us. He was on duty. At that time, my mom alone had to take care of everything. She was crying a lot as she didn’t have anyone to share her problems with.

Even though I don’t express my emotions and love for my father, he is a hero for me. He worked rigorously when we needed him and I will not leave him at the time when he needs me. I love my father a lot. He is my only inspiration.

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