The Driving Force

Parkavi M. S.

Parkavi M. S hails from the town of Gobichettipalayam in Erode district of Tamil Nadu. Born to truck driver, Mr. Murugesan and Mrs.  Shanthi, she is pursuing her graduation in B.Sc. She aims to complete her degree in Science by securing a first class rank at the State level and thereafter prepare for IAS and become a collector so that she can serve the nation.

Even though my father is good at driving, unfortunately he met with an accident in 1997. He suffered a serious injury on his leg. Due to this he was not able to drive the truck for one whole year. Luckily after this he did not meet with any more accidents.

About 10-15 years back my father faced another unfortunate incident. He was driving in Gujarat at that time. Due to heavy rains there was lot of stagnant water on the roads. He was stuck on such a road with his truck for 4 days. Imagine being trapped inside a vehicle with water all around and staying without food or water. Luckily the rescue boats and helicopters made available some water and food for him and others to survive through this ordeal.

Driving at night has its own perils. Once my father became the target of a robber who threatened to kill him. By God’s grace he escaped that robber without being injured or robbed.  My father sacrifices his sleep when he drives during the night. This is very risky.  But that’s the nature of his job. He has to set aside his need to rest, and drives even when he is not well since he has to work as per the scheduled time.

When my father is away driving and there are festivals like Diwali, Pongal or family members’ birthdays or other family functions, we eagerly await his arrival on the special day. But more often than not we end up being disappointed as he fails to show up. We miss his presence during such happy occasions as we want to celebrate it with him.

Many times my father is subjected to unnecessary questions by some authorities even though he produces all the required documents and papers. They ask for money. This happens in different states.  Such instances create tension and harassment for him.

My father believes in the principles of hard work and honesty. His way of living teaches me a lot of life lessons and I take my guidance from him. My father has instilled all the good values in me and says that hard work never fails. He leads by example. He had made a humble beginning as a farm worker, then a cleaner and later went on to become a truck driver. He taught us to respect elders. He believes that we can solve our life’s problems with strength and silence. He always loves us and never scolds us. He treats his family with love and kindness. This makes us feel proud of him and learn so much from him. He understands the importance of education and encourages us to study well. Education is important in everyone’s life and whatever be the situation one must never give up their education. We learn to distinguish right from wrong, how to handle tough situations with the help of education.

I am interested to learn about many things and for that I am studying hard. My ambition is to become an IAS officer. I will give my best and serve the society. I will follow all the rules correctly and ensure that people around me also do the same. It is very important to follow the road rules to avoid death and accidents. One must be kind as it can help us succeed and win anything in life. I believe that “Slow and steady wins the race” and “Safe riding saves our life.”

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