The Distracted Mother

About Neelam Fernando

Neelam Fernando, a Senior Management professional with over 11 years of experience with Fortune 500’s like Accenture & Unilever ventures chose to decamp as the Head of Service Delivery to follow her passion. She is a full-time storyteller accredited by Kathalaya, the only globally recognised academy for storytelling which is affiliated with International Institute of Storytelling Tennessee, USA. Neelam works with differently abled children, toddlers, kids, teenagers, teachers & corporates, uses storytelling as an effective tool for learning, communication and channelling their inner energy and creativity in a systematic way.

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Ohh look here she is
How appropriately dressed
2 months baby in the bed
Gone to the nurses, she is at rest!

Ohh dear! What’s happened to you
Look at your tresses,Uncombed, uncared,
Your face is a stark colour of blue
You aren’t the first mother as if
Suffering through!

How lovely where is your post partum weight
Did you really pop a baby out
Or for this through your pregnancy too you barely ate?

Ohhh noo noo that’s too much ghee
Slow down, the baby’s out now
You don’t wanna be a baobab tree…

No ambition in life, how boring
Look at the working moms
At work in the world scoring!

Always on your phone
Get all your work home
Got too much loan
Or why else would you leave such a cute baby back home!

What do you want a girl or a boy?
A girl so cute adorable will bring so much joy!

What do you want a girl or a boy?
A boy! Not a girl such a patriarchal choice…

The ever distracted mother
Doesn’t know how she fares
What she only knows is that
For her baby she loves and cares


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