The Desk Part-4

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Urvashi and Shikhar were growing in their relationship daily. Now their meetings were becoming frequent, from once in a fortnight to alternate days and sometimes daily. She had started liking Shikhar. Both shared similar interests as well. While Shikhar wrote crime thrillers, she wrote romantic novels. They would many a times do a jam session where he would read a paragraph from his novel with deep intensity and she would romanticise the whole thing with profound love. They were just perfect, a match made in heaven. Then what happened? Why weren’t they together? Destiny! Luck!

The big fat Indian wedding was all set to roll out. The guests list made, trousseau ready, invitations printed and distributed, venue finalised, honeymoon tickets booked. There was a celebratory air in both the houses. The bride and the groom could no longer wait to be with each other, to spend a lifetime together. Relatives had started rolling in. Their usual false promises to extend help to the bride’s and groom’s families, gossips and complaints had started.

“Oh, did you see the bride’s picture? Doesn’t she look too short for our handsome Shikhar?”

“Last night the food was just okay. We had a better menu when we had invited the bride’s family just for the first visit.”

“I think they have been partial to Mrs. Khanna. She has a suite to herself and we have been given such a normal room with no view. I am going to tell this to Urvashi’s mother.”

And much more yapping of this sort was heard. But they were guests after all and serving them was the only duty which both bride and groom’s parents knew being real Indians at heart, despite all the melodrama they created. Also Shikhar and Urvashi were their only children. So they were ready to take any melodrama that came around.

Shikhar and Urvashi were on house arrest, barring the Indian rituals, since the bride and groom are not supposed to meet each other a week before marriage. But Urvashi took the leap and went to meet Shikhar with mehendi on her hands, to show him. She was so excited to show it to him that she could not wait for the wedding night. She sneaked into his room and saw him sitting by his desk penning down something which he wanted to read out to her on the wedding night. Urvashi went close to Shikhar and said, “Boo!” He got scared and gave a loud yelp. “Urvashi, you scared the hell out of me,” said Shikhar and she started laughing. While she was still laughing, she started sitting on his desk. Since she had mehendi on her hands, she didn’t want to not spoil it. While sitting she lost balance. What happened next? The open bottle of ink spilled on the desk and on the note that Shikhar was writing for her. There was fright on Urvashi’s face as she knew that all hell will let lose now. She knew she will not be spared, knowing Shikhar’s love his desk.


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