The Desk Part-1

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Usually we have a favourite spot in the house, like an old sofa chair, a bed on the terrace to enjoy lazy afternoons, a corner in the attic, a desk by the window sill, etc. There is an unspoken bond between you and your favourite spot. The similar kind of relationship Shikhar had with his desk. He had a sentimental value towards it, an obsession which was maniacal. Why was he so crazy about his desk? There is an interesting story behind it. Shikhar must be around 10, when he went for a vacation to Shimla with his parents. The five star hotel where he was put up, had a breath taking view of the Shimla valley which left him spell bound. Never in his life had he witnessed beauty of such enthralling views. It was magical. What added to this magic was the snowfall. This snowfall which left Shikhar speechless was also the reason for his boredom. The soft cotton flakes soon became a hailstorm blocking roads and thus, spoiling Shikhar’s plan of exploring Shimla.

Having watched all cartoon shows on TV and played video games for hours Shikhar was extremely bored, stuck in his hotel room due to heavy snowfall outside. A book store in the hotel came to rescue his boredom. While taking a walk in the lobby, he found this store which otherwise he had not noticed being so engrossed and excited about his outdoor visits. As soon as he saw the store, he ran to his room to fetch his dad to buy him some books. With some recommendations his friends had given him at school and with the help of his dad, he bought a couple of books and there he was all set to kill his boredom.

Shikhar did not waste even a single minute as soon as he reached his room. He sat by the fireplace all cuddled up in a blanket with a hot cup of soup in one hand and a book in the other and off he went on the reading trip. It was 10 pm in the night when his mother had to force him for dinner. He had been reading continuously since afternoon and was almost going to finish the book. “Come for dinner Shikhar,” said Rekha, Shikhar’s mom. “In sometime mom,” replied Shikhar. Finally she tossed the blanket off him and pulled him out for dinner. His first experience of reading is such a sweet memory which flashes in front of his eyes each time he remembers it and his joy meets no bound.

It is so amazing that sometime in the dullest moments, you find extreme happiness which you wouldn’t find otherwise. That is exactly what had happened with Shikhar. He had found the love of his life, ‘reading’. He was so fascinated with the beautiful descriptions of nature. The author wrote so vividly about the place where he lived that something inside him had moved forever. He had become more observant, more powerful in his vocabulary as he was now an ardent reader and his love for nature had budded. He now saw nature’s details and enjoyed it even more. It gave him umpteen pleasure and he would pass hours watching the squirrel gobble on walnuts below the walnut tree opposite his house, the crack of the dawn, the morning sunrays passing through the trees, the sunset and its hues, the water droplets on leaves after the rain, the rain splashing on his face as it poured heavily while he sat at his window, the cuckoo sing, the rustling of leaves on a breezy day, the fall season and the mist on a winter morning.

Little did he know, that the book he read in the hotel room would become his favourite childhood read and the author his favourite author. He started dreaming of a life like him, a room, a desk, a chair and nature all around. He did have a room, a chair and nature around him but the desk was missing. He yearned for it ever since he read that book. He yearned for the setting that his favourite author had in his room. Unfortunately, Shikhar lived in the company quarter which was given to his dad by the company he worked with. Given the space, there was no room was for a desk. Rekha would say, “Shikhar, thank your stars that the quarter has a store which has been converted into your room. Where on earth is the place for your stupid desk?” Hearing this Shikhar would be so upset that he would not talk to his mother for days.


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