The Deprived Facilitators

Kalpana Ashok Mistry and Rekha Ashok Mistry

Sisters, Kalpana Ashok Mistry and Rekha Ashok Mistry, are daughters of driver Mr. Ashok Poppat Mistry and Mrs. Alka Mistry. They hail from Nandurbar, Maharashtra. Born in November 1990, Kalpana has done graduation. Rekha, born in August 1991, is pursuing post graduation. She wants to be a teacher.

Wanderers look happy. A butterfly flits through a garden and visits myriad beautifully coloured and wonderfully scented flowers. It is so peaceful to watch a butterfly working. A cloud or a kite roaming in the sky amuses all. Wandering is fun for everyone but, there are people who do not wander about for fun but to survive. It is not a choice for them, but helplessness. They are the Truck Drivers – the facilitators of sorts, but the deprived.

Our father has been driving for past many years. He is working with the Government Transport Corporation. He got this job with great difficulty. He has not just taken care of the family but has guided and motivated each of us.

Many of father’s driving experiences are very vivid when he relates them. From these experiences both, father and we get to learn. Once during his service, he had to drive a bus with fifty passengers from Saraya to Nasik. The radiator of the bus had some issues.  A wire burnt due to heat and fire broke out in the bus cabin. The flames were so dangerous that it spread from the front to the back of the cabin. The passengers in the bus started screaming. Father boosted their morale and requested them to keep patience. He assured them that he would save them at any cost. Father acted with due thoughtfulness and took the bus to a lake near the fields. Reaching the lake, he immediately, called out to the farmers who extinguished the fire in no time. Relieved, the passengers blessed our father for keeping calm in the hour of panic.

Father recounts that incident often. We are proud of the fact that father has rendered his duty with utmost sincerity and dedication in his driving tenure. There were lots of troubles during rains as well. The road connecting our village to the city was not that good.  Going to office was no lesser struggle than driving. However, he always proved stronger than the problems. He helped the family going ahead. We all feel grateful to him for his efforts in enabling us to lead a respectful and happy life.

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