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We went to stay with my trader friend in Delaware; a school friend who migrated to US and like the true early European Traders, set up his final trading post in Delaware after a long stint at Pittsburgh.

He has the “doer“ spirit so well perfected by the American culture which benefits from diversity that likes of my friend bring to this vast country. With American consumption practices and money-power, he scouts the world for products to fill up the many mall shelves in US.

We spent good time with his family and with Maximus, his awesome German Shepard. They have given him the family surname and he is a celebrity in the social media. I loved my friends  vacation home in the southern part, near the sea. The Bay is beautiful; plenty of water-sports and club facilities at the complex make you stick indoors.

The Peninsula complex is a large private vacationing area with all types of residential units. The walk is refreshing and picturesque. People gather over long weekends and enjoy the well-maintained resort. Golf enthusiasts love the place. Many have made it their first home.

There is also a lovely fairy-tale hamlet near my friends place. The Chesapeake canal and bay area has lovely small houses, nice lawns and eating places. A wonderful picnic point. And it will present the amazing sight of large ships entering the canal and passing by as you have your drink at the canal restaurant.

There is tax-free shopping in Delaware; good enough reason for most tourists to visit this state. The drive by bus via Penn station and crossing the Delaware bridge is disciplined and gives you bits of the countryside charm. Sceneries of the warehouse and industrial areas play before you.

I remembered visiting my friend earlier and enjoying the easy-pace of doing nothing. A few visits to Barnes & Noble browsing through the titles, picking up my quota of stationery at Staples and whiling the time observing people at his franchisee fast food joint. I also recollected opening a company at Delaware for one of our businesses; the ease of operations and flexibility are Delaware’s offerings.

In one of the previous trips, we had done the circular route. My family who were in Delaware came along with my friend’s family to pick me up from Newark airport. We visited the Niagara falls, covered  Pittsburgh – visited his old house and neighbour and the famous stalactite caves and temples on the way back to Delaware.

Years later at my son’s graduation at CMU, we revisited Pittsburgh and enjoyed the teaching mecca like the Boston visit this time.

A famous architect’s waterfall house, turned into a museum now is a must-go for all visiting Pittsburgh. The cover image will offer a glimpse.

Photograph by Devang Desai


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