The day when the world seemed too beautiful…

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A radio in age of iPods
A bookstore competing with Kindle
A Beatles song out of place in a club

Krishnakali has a keen appetite for reading books, painting abstract pictures and also singing. She had started writing unexpectedly and within seconds it became her better half.

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It was around the time when the world around me was getting complex

that an unexpected rain quenched my thirst.

I started dancing exuberantly and surrendered all my inquisitions to
the Almighty.

The opalescent water droplets dripped from my verandah…its beauty
adding to the fullness of the entwined money plant.

The rainfall stopped, having relieved the subtle, withered flowers and
the moon that shimmered behind the clouds.

Bonny me, marveled at the world with pearl eyes and got drunk in its
beauty for the second time.


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