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Harshal Desai believes in silences, moss clad rocks, soliloquies of stars and scents of blank pages. Innately anthropomorphic, nature is a vast source of inspiration for him. On a typical day, you can find him by the seashore, and other natural spaces, in the captivating essence of the oikeios. Professionally, a scholarship awardee from Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore, he holds a Masters degree in design. He understands the intricacies that design and art bring and finds much inspiration in creating sustainable solutions for the world. His work is published in Verbal Art, FineFlu, National Geographic, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, The Type Image, 805Lit, Door is a Jar, Asian Signature and SickLit Magazine. - Write him a letter on

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I went off seeking an adventure
to a most frightening place.
Where men wielded sharp steel
and wickedly swung them around
with a beaming sadistic grin.

Children scream in terror!
Tears stream down their face
as the men cut and hack away at them
while the vile parents guide these villains
and finally pay them for the barbaric act.

I remind myself to not be afraid
I am not a helpless child.
I’ll make them obey my command.
With a solid resolve I enter,
The chamber of shrieking horror.

Alas! I am no match for them.
They hack away at me mercilessly
pieces of me fall to the floor.
I am paralyzed by their swiftness
as they deftly cut me to bits.

The wails of children snap me back.
With renewed vigor I bellow
a stern and solemn command.
“Cease now. Continue no more. ”
He dropped his steel and stared.

I gazed at his greedy eyes
he wanted to hurt me more
but I distract him with money
and make my grand escape
from the horrid chamber.

As I ran out from there
I heard another child scream.
“God save them from these monsters”,
I prayed and hastily fled the scene.
Perhaps next month will be better,
As I again seek to conquer these barbers


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