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I would not be required to visit them again, after today.

Accounts in Banks and Post Office opened decades ago were now being closed. Obviously people who opened these accounts were no longer available at the time of closing. But the younger ones in authority were equally helpful.

After the formalities, as a final homage, I waited in the lounge to pen down my thoughts, knowing, this would be my last glimpse of the place and its people. And as is the case while paying respect, mind roams.

50 years for a Bank Account is a long journey in a human life. Waiting patiently, I recollected a 12 year old me, coming to the bank to open an account. There was a sense of achievement of having your name on a Pass Book and also being given a number. I fondly remember, banks giving the young a plastic coin collector to encourage savings. For years the insertion of coins was a cherished ritual, especially during festivals when coins came pouring.

There were, of course, more processes for closure than opening. That is also with life, isn’t it ?

I was proud to have accomplished three closures that day. There was a good amount of walking but I enjoyed those walks, in lanes that I used to frequent decades ago. There was one building where a relative used to stay for a while. I distinctly remembered the space as her life had ended last week. A closure of sorts, had happened. Matter had ceased to matter. Free will had stopped exerting. She had given up her space as her time had stopped.

Or had it really? There would be conjectures about permanence of soul or deliverance from the cycle of birth and death.

The old building where she lived had also undergone dramatic changes. A flashy , modern high rise had replaced the cozier structure. The same physical laws of decay and renewal seemed to apply to the entire universe.

For another, time had also stopped last month, though he spent his life defying the principles of Time and Space. Hawking’s clock stopped after an intense struggle and herculean effort at survival. His failing body was like a Black Hole in which he specialized. His survival was a challenge to the Creator’s relevance, His necessity in Hawking’s Universe as well in his personal life.

Hawking mathematically proved how our Universe was “free” and God had no role to play in its processes. He spent time on understanding what came before the Big Bang and what would happen at the end of the Universe’s life. The conditions, as per him, were the same in both the situations… no Time and no Space.

And then what?

For him, there was no closure of the Universe. No End, only the beginning of another cycle and life goes on. He spelled out the inevitable decay of Black Holes too for a rebirth of sorts.

So from the closure of a Bank account, I speculated on other closures, that of human life and life of Universe, with a hope that closure was possibly only a mind reaction, only a passing phenomena.

Till a new beginning takes shape.

As the bank put down its shutter, it was time for me to get up and go, to a different destination and to yet another cycle.


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