The Bus and the Truck

Guntas Kaur

Twenty-year-old Guntas Kaur hails from Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. Born to truck driver Amarjeet Singh and Kuljeet Kaur, she aspires to be a chartered accountant. Currently, she is completing her bachelors in Commerce from Government College for Women in Jammu.

In ancient times, there were no resources for travelling. Later, man invented the wheel to increase the speed of human life. Rather than walking, they started using bullock carts etc. Next invention was the steam engine. The combination of engine and wheels resulted in vehicles. Motor vehicles play a major role in our lives. Today there are many ways of transportation, by road, by air, by water, by rail etc. But mostly we travel by road in our day-to-day life. But every coin has two sides and there are many drawbacks of road travelling, too. Careless travelling through the roads can result in accidents, which can hurt or cause death. Today road safety has become a necessity in India.

My dad is a truck driver. Years back, when he was driving a truck, he met with an accident. He was coming from Mansar towards Jammu. His truck was carrying sheep and goats.

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