The boy who showed magic

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Purba Saha is a student of Ashok Halls Secondary School at Kolkata. She loves to read books, listen to music, enjoys the company of children and elderly people and to do social work.

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A small town girl was I,
But a dreamer is what you made me,
Dear magic boy
They said you showed magic
But dear, you were the magic.
A magical spell
A magic which got me mystical.

The entire town was cloaked with excitement
Of the upcoming magic show.
But nothing could get me to care.
The dragging of my friends to your show,
Dear magic boy,
Had payed off. Maybe?
The show started with the click of your hand
And ended how and when makes me wonder.
The curls which fell on your face,
The sky blue eyes,
The sharp pointed features,
The swiftness with which your hand worked
And the magic you created,
All of it dragged me away to a virtual world altogether.
Your wand showed endless tricks.
Dancing in the air, rising high in your long pointed fingers.
But the wand was like a color bar,
Giving colors to my life with every stroke.

But out of all there’s that music,
The humming noise of yours,
The humming with which you start your show.
For me it was the cue of
Of getting into a different utopia,
For me it was a serenade.
Days rolled by,
Your magic got me enthralled with every passing day.
I felt the early pangs of love.
It was like floating in a warm ocean
With no fear of drowning.
Your magic lighted my world
And made me believe in every form of magic
And miracle.
But hush,
A week-long of magic and merriment
Came to a halt.
But not my overflowing emotions I held back.

You waved by as you left my town,
You looked at me once,
For a split second,
Nothing significant for you
Just a small and kind gesture.
But I soared high up.
In my mind,
In the garden of my mind
Where you were the gardener.

When I close my eyes
I hear noises.
But your humming noise is the consistent one.
Always beckoning me towards your thoughts.
You might forget me
Cause you have a right.
And me?
It is a different thing though
Cause I loved you
Through and through
Love is a simple thing
With no second thought.
But in my memories
You would be the flattened, withered dry rose,
Tucked inside a book, which i would never discard.
And as a stranger who peeped into my world,
And smiled magic into it


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