#StoryOfTheMonth June 2018 by Vani Kaushal

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Kathakali’s version of Ludwig Bechstein’s folktale! It is just as well-written as all of her other stories — and I have read quite a few of them now. What an exceptionally talented writer she is! I love her translations, this one is especially good. The blue bearded knight lives a luxurious life but he has no wife — and there’s a reason for it that the readers can find out when they read this story. As for me, I think like any folktale, this one has a message for us. Curiosity, for one, was not much liked by the ancients and this story clearly elucidates that. The social message in this story is also pretty strong. Earlier societies didn’t like women going against the wishes of their husbands. And this story, beyond anything, is proof of it. I loved reading the story and I am sure our readers are going to enjoy it, too.