The Ballad of Lucky Dump and Georgia Lee

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Bernhard Fuchs was born 1966 in Vienna as the son of a Himalayan Geologist. The profession of his father stimulated his interest in India. He studied Cultural Studies at Vienna University and wrote a Ph.D. thesis on South Asian immigrant business in Vienna (1997). He works as Assistant Professor at Vienna University, is married and father of three children. Bernhard Fuchs is co-editor and co-author of Rajinder Dudrah/Elke Mader/Bernhard Fuchs (eds.): SRK and Global Bollywood. New Delhi: Oxford University Press 2015.

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Come gather round me people and a story I will tell
How Lucky Dump met Georgia Lee and in love they fell
It was on a Monday morning in the east the sun did set
When he was born in the land of the rainbow where the water never gets wet
He was raised among grateful people who’ll accept what they do not get
And if you miss this ballad I’m sure you will regret

Now take your time and listen in patience to the tale
Of Lucky Dump the stutterer who’s tongue would never fail
By lil’ children he was harassed by adults he was often mobbed
Until he lost all his confidence, of his honour he was robbed
When he walked through the town his ears would soon start ringing
As he was followed by children and all of them were singing:
Lucky Dump grumbles
He stutters and stammers
He splutters and stumbles
He cracks, and he hammers
Can you hear him crump?
Lucky Dump is off his chump!

He’s bereft of his speech
He squeaks, and he growls
He’ll blush, and he’ll bleach
Let’s maul him until he howls
Come on, Boyz, let’s make noise!
He’s got no choice, he’s without a voice!

But Georgia Lee the mighty shapeshifter she paid him full respect
She came to solve his problems, to help and to protect
She patiently took care that nobody caused him harm
If he was feeling lonesome, she would hold him in her arms
Lucky Dump was strong and handsome but his tongue was handicapped
And where ever he was going he didn’t know how to adapt
There were some magic moments when Lucky would start to talk
Deliver incredible speeches that people just would gawk
His tongue would be on fire he would talk languages unknown
But when this miracle ended he would stand there all alone
Usually he remained silent, secluded in his bubble
As with every spoken sentence, for sure he’d cause some trouble
Sometimes his tongue was loose, completely out of control
He uttered words beyond his own knowledge, he never knew his goal
Georgia Lee she was a fairy, sometimes a pretty young maid
Other times a giant locust; her sight would make you afraid
Whenever he was in danger, she supported Lucky Dump
Entered in her furious appearance and on her back he would quickly jump
He’d ride away on this locust, like a rhinoceros unbelievably tall
When Lucky needed protection, his Georgia he would call
Most probably you’ll wonder, how both of them have met
I know you won’t believe me; it was on a film set
Lucky Dump he was an aspiring actor, who couldn’t deliver his dialogue
The director became furious; he behaved just like a rogue
When Georgia Lee saved Lucky, everyone thought it was special effect
But she was so upset and angry, the whole studio it was wrecked

But no, I’ve made a mistake; they’ve already met long before
When both of them were working in a second hand store
Lucky Dump was pressing clothes; Georgia Lee put them on a clamp
When she asked him some questions, he blushed and he did cramp
Yes, she looked really sexy, and he was a shy young man
He tried to keep it secret, but she knew that he was her fan
After working three years together, they finally were the best friends
When they walked home together, they were softly holding hands
Her magic felt pleasant and healing, but when she revealed her power
It shocked him; he passed out and gained consciousness only after an hour

Lucky Dump served in the palace of a dreadful president
Who wouldn’t allow a word of critique, lots of money he would spent
On technology of surveillance, every room was full of bugs
To keep his servants quiet, he mixed their drinks with drugs
Georgia Lee worked as a room maid; the president cast an eye on her
Whenever his gaze fell upon her, his senses just would blur
Once Lucky stood with Georgia, to exchange only a few words
But suddenly his tongue got loose, and his words were overheard
He spoke up against the president; that he should go to the devil
He got so excited, in his own speech he did revel
He did not stutter anymore, his voice was loud and clear
He protested against tyranny, there was nothing he would fear
But suddenly from a speaker sounded the president’s austere voice
“Feel free to criticize us, go ahead, it is your choice.
But wouldn’t it be fair, to say it to my face?
You’re such a bloody bastard, you bring us just disgrace!”

The president thought of pretty young Georgia, his intentions were not good
He dreamed of having sex with her, he sent poor Lucky into the woods
He ordered Georgia into his office, and served her some special drinks
But the moment he tried to grab her, Lucky appeared as the presidents’ jinx!
By his sudden entrance, Lucky saved his true love Georgia Lee
Both escaped from this awful country, together they did flee
The army was ordered to catch them, but not even a single jet-plane
Could fly as fast as Georgia Lee, the whole army tried in vain
The locust escaped all persecutors out of reach for interceptors
They couldn’t even find her with their high tech detectors
The rider on her back, he totally enjoyed the flight
Now he felt really lucky, he was shining with delight
They found the last save destination on earth, a state named L.S.D.
Where they could take and enjoy for free, whatever they would see
Lucky Dump he was so happy, and he finally burst into laughter
Then Lucky Dump married Georgia Lee and they lived happily ever after

That evil president got defeated in elections
When they heard it in the news, it gave them satisfaction
Yet to extend his awful rule he changed the constitution
People still expect our hero to return and lead their revolution

Whenever I sing this story, I see it right before my eyes
But if there was any mistake, I will apologize
Now if you wouldn’t trust me, and say this can’t be true
You must pay me a thousand rupees, come on, and give me my due!


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13 Response Comments

    • Bernhard Fuchs04/12/2018 at 9:06 PM

      Thank you!

  • RINKY04/12/2018 at 8:10 PM

    Surely I would have regreted if I had missed this ballad. It has an essence of sadness, a happy state and slight awkwardness present in it. From the beginning it will keep one think what next to happen to them 😊. Loved reading it.

  • Bernhard Fuchs04/12/2018 at 9:09 PM

    Thank you, I am glad that you can appreciate the mix of emotions. Maybe it is like a Masala movie.

  • NANDANA DASGUPTA04/12/2018 at 9:59 PM

    Lucky Dump & his true love Georgia Lee! Indeed i would have regretted if i hadn’t read this ballad. How wonderfully does it bring out the essence of ‘true love’, making us realize that the ‘one true love’ will be with us through all thicks & thin. Thank you for such a wonderful Ballad.

    • Bernhard Fuchs05/12/2018 at 5:06 PM

      Thank you very much. Yes, the lovers always save each other. The tradition of storytelling is usually focussed on the male heroes. In this narrative it is more ironic that Lucky is the active agent. It is the other way round, Georgia is the driving force.

  • Boijayanto Mukherjee05/12/2018 at 12:05 AM

    This was a pure trip of psychedelic ecstasy. The effortlessness, the beauty, the sheer love of the finest quality and the subtle nod to a certain President infamous of recording his fellow party men is what makes this ballad a pure treat for readers. This ballad has some really offbeat appeal and that is what keeps people like us craving for more; to quote, I would’ve doubtlessly “regretted” not reading this pure serene example of ballad. Hats off for the flawless application of rhyme. Patience, love, peculiarity in character is all what it needs to relates and latch on to this piece for a really long time. Kudos for such an achievement and tons of thanks for making readers like us come across this tale of Lucky Dump and his true love Georgina Lee, such a treat!

    • Bernhard Fuchs05/12/2018 at 4:58 PM

      Thank for you kind comment, I didn’t expect so much praise. I am overwhelmed.

  • Saisharanyadash05/12/2018 at 5:44 PM

    I loved the story.Taught me 2luv truly.

    • Bernhard Fuchs06/12/2018 at 3:11 PM

      Oh, that’s great! Thanks!

  • __diksha.___07/12/2018 at 6:16 PM

    This was a real great one!! Loved it

    • Bernhard Fuchs07/12/2018 at 7:35 PM

      <3 Thanks!

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