The Backbone of Our Family

G. Riamiya

G.Riamiya was born in April 1998. She belongs to the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu and is the daughter of the truck driver V Gunasekaran and G Sashikala. She is pursuing B.Sc in Computer Science and wants to work with a good company in the future.

My father is a truck driver. He is extremely dedicated towards his profession and works hard to sustain our family. Mostly, my father is assigned a night duty to deliver goods to the faraway places. He drives continuously and at times, without proper rest and food to avoid any delay in delivering the goods. However, my father often tells me that he gets very sleepy in between 3:00 am to 6:30 am. Nevertheless, he keeps himself awake forcefully and does not let it become a hindrance in driving. But I know that he is sleep deprived and this can lead to several health issues for my father. I really worry about my father’s well-being.

Unfortunately, driving is not considered to be as reputed as many other professions and my father have to bear the consequences of the same, a number of times. I believe that a driver has to be respected in the society because just like farmers, the drivers too are the backbone of any nation. Without them, the country shall come to a standstill.

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