The Aftermath

Sana Anjum

19 year old Sana Anjum hails from Bomraspet, Telangana. Born to truck driver, Sattar MD and Shameem Unisa Begum, she wants to be a teacher and help her students make their lives beautiful. Currently she is pursuing her B.Com 2nd year in Tandur.

My father is a lorry driver for the last 27 years.

Truck drivers are into one of the most stressful jobs one can think of. People might think it’s an easy job but imagine being on the road for 18 hours at a stretch, hauling ten tons to eighteen tons of weight in the vehicle. Without anyone to talk to, they face harsh weather, crazy people and difficult situations to battle their way forward.

On one occasion, a negligent lorry driver who was drunk, collided with my father’s truck and my father had an accident. He got some minor injuries on his hands, head and several parts of the body. But since that accident, my father’s right hand still doesn’t work properly.

The accidents generally occur due to narrow roads, improper road conditions, no traffic signal and people who do not follow traffic rules. On the other hand natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, torrential rains make it difficult to drive.  They also lead to damaged roads making them unsafe. Heavy rains play a major part in making the process of transportation and driving difficult, which results in goods not arriving on time to the companies. Overnight driving causes health issues as it results in fatigue. The flash of the vehicles’ head lights damages the drivers eyes and they are not able to see road signs properly which leads to accidents.

Decades ago, road robbery was a major issue because of unnecessary stops at forests and ‘Ghat’s. The robbers followed the truck and tried to rob the goods loaded in the truck.

When my grandfather died my father was away from home, due to which my father was not able to attend his father’s funeral. It was a very sad moment for the entire family. Due to his absence on that day, our family faced many troubles later, both financially and socially.

From my father’s experience of life, I have learnt the lesson that education plays a major role in the life of every human-being. Because of lack of education in life one may have to undertake strenuous and laborious jobs like drivers, hamali, coolies etc. Education gives dignity to life which improves the lifestyle of a common person and reduces physical labour.

I aim to be a teacher which would provide me scope to teach road safety. It is not merely the responsibility of the government but also of the individuals to involve in road safety procedures. People can contribute in their own little ways by helping authorities to fill the potholes on the road and by following traffic rules. Also, bikes should not be given to under-age riders. The government bodies should design Awareness Programs for lorry drivers that gives them knowledge of road safety. Only then they should be considered eligible to get a licence. I want to take part in causes related to road safety through social activities or social networking, because I feel that like all fathers even my father should reach home

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