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Chinmoy Saikia is a 11 years old boy who loves to read and write stories. He wants to be a child specialist and a writer when he grows up.

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Superhero Stories aren’t a myth. They appear as an obvious but imaginary part of real life, especially when it comes through the narration of an 11 year old.Super-hero moments do exist…in dreams and in perceived reality. It’s up to you, whether you can identify and react to them!Read Chinmoy Saikia’s two part series to understand this better!

Puja holidays were just round the corner. My father had gone to drop my brother off at an institute named Aakash. I, my mother, and my uncle and aunt were watching the television together. I got up and stared out of the window. The road was lonely and the night sky was clear, as usual. But something was strange about it, I couldn’t tell what, but maybe it was a bit too lonely.

The doorbell rang. I rushed to open it. My father had come back home. Suddenly a message on the television appeared, “Any survivor are requested to come to Kolkata airport for extraction.” It ended with a buzz. I went back to staring outside. This time though, I was in for a major shock. There were hundreds, no, thousands of brainless zombies heading towards us. Before anyone could figure out what’s happening, there was a knock on the door. “Everybody be armed,” my father whispered.

We tip-toed towards the door, ready to hit the zombies waiting for us. But, when I opened, I found my brother standing strangely in the darkness of the night. We pulled him inside and shut the door. We explained everything to him and discussed how we can reach Kolkata airport. My brother informed that there was a gun shop nearby that was abandoned. We all thought it was a good idea. But there was one problem though. How do we reach the gun shop without being harmed?

My father, being a Mathematics genius, immediately took out a piece of metal and shaped it into spikes just enough to cover the whole car. The next morning, we protected our father with daggers while he put the spikes on the car. After he had finished we got into the car and drove all the way towards the gun shop. When we reached the gun shop we found no one there but all the guns and ammunitions was left behind. However, there was one small compartment in the gun shop which had no guns. We took out some grenades and some really powerful weapons and set off towards the airport. By then, night had fallen. We decided to call it a day. We rested at a motel nearby.  We took out a map and planned our further proceedings. We found out something really unnatural. Kolkata had been wiped-out the map! We were astonished. I began to cry after hearing this strange update. – “This is not the moment to cry.” My father told me. “There are millions of zombies out there and you are sitting here doing nothing. Think like a predator, chasing its prey. You are the predator and success is your prey. You must fight tooth and nail. Nothing is given to you for free. If you give up today, think of what will happen to you tomorrow.” His words inspired me a lot.

There was a TV in the room. Now we knew that we should head towards Delhi, instead of Kolkata airport. We took off for Delhi in the morning. On the way we noticed that there were many gun shops with no stock. While racing with time on the highway, we decided to refill our petrol tank. The road today seemed too abandoned with no zombies at all. That’s when it all began. Bullets came hurling at us, but we didn’t know from where they were being shot. Suddenly a parade of zombies, all loaded with guns, headed towards us. “Everybody takes cover,” my father shouted. We all hid behind our car. Pulling out our guns from inside the car we began shooting. Though we did kill many, we were still outnumbered.

All my memories flashed before my eyes. I guess that’s where I gained a superhero strength from!  I came out of my hiding place and started shooting and throwing grenades. Within a few minutes, they were finished. Everybody congratulated me. They started to attach a piece of bulletproof shield to the car. But as soon as we were about to leave, another parade of zombies came marching towards us. I was so angry, I concentrated on the bullets left behind and kept muttering, fly bullets fly. Like magic, it flew. I concentrated hard, once again to shoot the zombies. The bullets went in supersonic speed and hit the zombies hard enough to kill them. Everybody looked at me with astonishment.

“How did you….” my mother’s voice quivered.

“I guess it’s just the power of reading books.” I replied.

We left the place and headed towards Delhi.

In Delhi I had a strange feeling. It was like someone talking to me in my mind. You will meet a man in our journey, it said. I turned to my father.

“Father, I have a feeling that there will be someone on our path. Someone important.”

“Are you sure?” My father asked. I had no answer to that.

As it was destined to be, we did meet a man on the highway. He was about thirty, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Everybody looked at me with mouth wide open. We asked him his name. “Jake”, he replied. We told Jake to grab a gun. He was also given the responsibility to handle the mounted gun. Our journey towards Delhi was paused due to heavy nightfall. Over the night we were attacked by zombies again. But it was easier to fight with them now as I was aware of my magic powers. It was also a first fight for Jake, and we were pretty impressed with his shooting. The next day we started off early. A signboard showed ‘100kms to Delhi.’

By evening, we had reached Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, but, there was still a problem. The zombies were holding us back. As I had discovered a new power to turn my eyes into lasers, it was easier than ever. The bad news was, all the planes had been blasted by the zombies. The good news was, trained crew at the airport attached a pair of special wings and engines to our car which flew us all the way to the USA. Our own little war machine was flying well. Everybody else’s cars also flew to keep us company. Our engine was so fast, we reached USA in a day’s time. Most of the places there were covered with radium shields that allowed only honest and good people to pass through. “This is where your new life begins.” My father said. We landed on Washington D.C.


 by Chinmoy Saikia

Three years had passed after that incident.

I was going to school when I saw my father running towards me. He reached me and gasped, “USA is going to be a monarchy; you have to come with me immediately.”

I was surprised and followed him. He led me to our home where everybody including Jake was present. We all discussed how this was going to be a disaster as we would be made slaves under a monarchical ruler. We all wanted to protest but we knew we could do absolutely nothing about it.

“We know we can do nothing, but when the time comes, we’ll strike.” We told each other.

The next day when the monarchy was assembled, we were called to the royal court as slaves. We were made to work in gold mines to push in and pull out the gold carts. Then we were promoted to work in the king’s laboratory where he was inventing a magical potion to wipe out the whole world. “This our chance, to turn the tables and put the potion on the king himself.” My father said. “But first we need to warn the people of other countries.”

As it was long since the zombies left, all the countries were rebuilt and the shield around USA was opened. We decided to send a messenger pigeon as all the phones were confiscated by the king. Within a couple of weeks approximately, everybody was alarmed. We all planned together how we should turn the tables for the tyrannical ruler. We decided that my brother and Jake should create a distraction till we were able to pull the pot from its place. But, it was not as easy as the king was seldom in his court and the pot was around ten tonnes in weight. Even with my magical powers, it would take a miracle to move the pot. The next day after we had our breakfast, we hatched a plan. We were convinced that if all the people worked together, it would be easy to lift it up. So that day, we had a public meeting and the people of the country gathered there. We needed a ladder and sneak up from the window while my brother and Jake would distract his majesty.

The next day, we climbed up from behind as planned. We were successful in getting inside the room where the magical potion was kept. While everybody lifted it, I thought in my mind, freeze everybody in the royal court except for my brother and Jake. Everybody actually froze and we all carried it to near the tyrannical king and held it over his head. I uttered again, silently, freeze over from everyone. The invisible ice over every person melted and then they acted normal again. Quickly I laid my eyes on the pot. With a flash, the pot broke as the rays of my laser eyes passed through it. All the potion fell on the king’s head.

The potion was made up of the strongest acid on earth and the man just melted down on the ground.

We were in a jolly good mood and we were returning home with a smile on our face. Everybody congratulated me and my family. The next morning though, I had a message in my mind. “The king did not die, you better be careful.”

I was confused but then I spotted his face! Amongst the crowd, he hid his face and slowly headed towards me. Jake was standing beside me, watching him. We noticed that he was carrying a gun. We ran to take cover but he shot Jake immediately and ran away. Jake lay on my hands, a stream of blood running all around. “Leave me here and kill that monster.” Jake somehow managed to speak. With tears in my eyes, I ran home.

We all were in complete silence. What we couldn’t understand was, how did he survive? Eventually I thought of something. “Maybe, he knew someone is going to kill him and so maybe he placed a dummy in place of him.” I shared this with my family. They all agreed. “So, now we need a fool-proof pan to wipe out that cruel giant.” My father said. We decided to rest as too much had already happened in a day. The next day, we woke up early. First, we needed to find out where the king was. We went to Emily, the king’s biggest enemy. She had a tracking system of the king which would help us to find him easily. Thankfully, Emily was willing to cooperate. We united with all the people of the USA once again. All the police and the NYPD and the CIA teamed up with us. We began our journey towards the king’s home. By dawn, we had reached our destination.

Don’t enter that house, it’s a trap. I received a message from my mind.

Just as we were about to enter the whole building blasted. Above us, was hovering a helicopter with the cruel king seated inside. We tried to shoot him but it was a miss. We ran. But just as his helicopter flew away, a figure appeared in the dark. We couldn’t recognise who it was. The figure shot the helicopter with a bazooka. It was a hit! The helicopter split into pieces and there was fire in the sky.

Suddenly that figure rose and came towards us. We all were shocked to know who it was.  Jake! He explained that he had worn a bulletproof jacket when he was shot, and thus he had survived. He also explained that he was just acting when he told me earlier that it was his last breath. He wanted to perform as our trump card in this war, albeit secretly.


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