That’s Not How It Started

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I am Tapas Das, based in Mumbai - I love the written word and especially if it's a story. Caffeine and inappropriate thoughts - that's my struggle, writing is a vent otherwise I will start punching people! I work with Edifice in Mumbai.

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I think we are at the stage, where we will lose sight of each other
to the point, that it doesn’t even makes sense

but when we believed we are loved all along you somewhere didn’t believe in me
maybe your kind of love is opposite,
it demands to be mistreated,
sharp edges
with a dearth of understanding

however you might have told others, you have found one but you know you didn’t

you think love can be harsh, only then it proves to be worthwhile

The irritation you feel inside you want your partner to feel too
but you are misunderstanding the whole idea of love

when your harshness does not affect the other
when you don’t use the other to satisfy yourself

that is the place one should be
and I am afraid we are not.

Not even close
but that’s not how we started


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