That Fateful Night

Priti Chaudhary

Born on 15thApril 1995, Priti Chaudhary hails from Matura, Uttar Pradesh. Her father Mr. Netra Pal Singh is a truck driver and her mother Mrs. Sarvesh Devi is a house wife. Currently, Priti is studying for Basic Training Certificate through which she will be able to teach school children. She aspires to be a teacher so that she can change the future of the coming generations.

Once in 2013, my father was out driving in chilly winter weather. It was December and there was a lot of fog. Father got the truck to the side of the road. Due to fog and low visibility they all stopped the truck on the side of the road and went off to sleep. When he was asleep at about 1.00 PM, the vehicle caught fire. Suddenly father smelt the smoke and as he woke up he realized that the vehicle was on fire.

Panicking due to fire all around, my father tried to open the vehicle from inside, but the door did not open. He tried to break open the glass but in confusion, he could not. The fire started raging and appeared more dangerous.

Full story to be published into a book soon

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