#StoryOfTheMonth May 2018 by Vani Kaushal

That Constant Called Love is a story of enduring love written with passion and panache. You are bound to fall in love with Manoj — a press walla, and his wife, Sangeeta as they go on about their lives, always together, much like two peas in a pod. The writer has quite a grip on her vocabulary and she writes so beautifully that you enjoy even the most mundane details of life.  Akriti has a talent for fleshing out characters and not many people can successfully do that, even established writers. While reading the story, I also wondered if it is something that has been inspired by real life. But whatever it is, the writer has told it wonderfully well. She is a gifted writer. I would strongly encourage her to write more. And I am so sure TMYS readers are going to enjoy this one.