Superheroes are Real

Reema Choudhary

Reema Choudhary, born in February 2000, is the daughter of the truck driver, Mr. Jodhi Raj and Mrs. Parveen Lata. She belongs to Raipur village in J&K. She is preparing for her medical entrance examination and aspires to become a doctor. Reema wishes to serve the poor in the villages which lack medical facilities, after completing her studies.

‘My Papa is my Superhero’ – this is a common thought of every daughter for her father. However, being a truck driver’s daughter, I could feel this at several occasions of life. In September 2014, my father had to go to Kashmir to transport food, just a few days before the conditions turned critical in in the valley owing to the heavy monsoon that ultimately led to one of the most disastrous floods in the state. Trucks were held on roads due to heavy rain. My whole family was tensed as we were not able to connect with papa and a week had passed since then. Kashmir was under water and my father was also stranded there.

There was no availability of food and drinking water. The trucks were also half under water and the chances of survival were less. After spending a week in those bad conditions, there came a ray of light. The army soldiers managed to distribute some packets of food.

Dead bodies were also floating in the water producing a foul smell. Papa was in deep trauma. We are the residents of Jammu and were also facing the environmental conditions similar to that of Kashmir. Our family was very worried.

One month passed this way, and there was no news of papa. Mamma was very much tensed but she did not let us feel her worry. Thankfully, the conditions started to become normal and the army soldiers reached my father’s truck and rescued him.

So, I can proudly say that my superhero fought like a great soldier and won against the nature. People who do not believe in superheroes should meet my father someday. If I have had the privilege of studying in a big school and college today, gaining medical education and progressing well in life, it is only because my father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give to his daughter, which is his trust in me. There are days when we do not meet papa for months. I get so glad when he comes back home; I hug him and give him a big kiss.

Love you, Papa.

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