Superdriver Dad

Fathima Zohara

Born in April 2000, Fathima Zohara hails from Uppinangady, Karnataka. She is the daughter of truck driver Mr. K. A. Hyder and Mrs. Fathimath Sajida. Fathima is currently pursuing her +2 in Science and aspires to become a paediatrician or dentist.

Road should be a place where we can travel safely and freely; it is a way to our destination. While we are travelling by road, we have to face lots of problems if people in our vicinity are not driving properly.

Nowadays the government has made many rules and regulations, that people must follow to ensure road safety. For example, while travelling in two wheeler, people have to wear helmet, or pay a fine; those who travel in a four wheeler should wear a seat belt to avoid accidents. When my father is late reaching home, we all get worried because the heavy traffic often leads to accidents. When my father doesn’t receive the call, we wait anxiously for him or call my grandparents to see if they have any news from him. When he finally reaches home, we have so many questions about why he was late and yet, he answers with patience about how he was stuck in traffic or the vehicle tyre got punctured while he was en route his destination. Hearing his answer, we are relieved to realize that nothing bad happened to him. My father started driving about 28 years ago, from the young age of 20 years. Now, he is 48 years old. During these 28 years, he has faced a multitude of problems, but till today, he has never been involved in even one accident. Really, God is great, and I pray that my father is always kept protected. All companies in our area know that my father is a good driver and they are always requesting him to drive their truck. He is well known to so many people as a good and experienced driver, and sometimes, he also drives buses.

One day my father travelled in a truck to Hyderabad. Around midnight, he felt drowsy. He was alone while driving and since he hadn’t got good sleep during the previous four days, he was very sleepy. Yet, he travelled 7 kilometres slowly even in that drowsy condition and at last, he reached Hyderabad  safely. Although he has faced some potentially dangerous conditions, luckily, he has never been injured although in some cases, he has avoided accidents by driving to the side of the road. On one occasion, such an action of my father was the only thing that saved the life of a person on a two wheeler who suddenly appeared in the path of his truck.

I am really proud of my father, for his superdriver skills. I am grateful to God for protecting my father, and pray that he be protected always from all dangers.

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