Sun…A blessing or a curse

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Kavya Shah is a happy-go-lucky 12-year-old girl who loves reading and writing. She studies in the seventh grade at Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India. Kavya is passionate about football, basketball and swimming. Being a foodie, writer, reader, and great friend is what truly defines her. Along with being a curious learner, Kavya is a theatre artist.

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Holidays, a time for exploration, fun and learning more! The day when the holidays would begin, sleeping till late, waking up late, going out daily and dismantling the daily routine would start.

When my summer holidays began, I ran out to play with my friends. It was 4:00pm. I had fun for an hour, but then staying out there started feeling like a chore. I grew more and more restless. I wanted to relax. But no, it was not possible outside, under the scorching sun.

It was too hot to be outside. A couple of minutes that I was outside, sweat trickled down my face, I felt my clothes wet.

The sun is ruthless during summers. “Why,” I asked? “You get cool water turn warm and hot; you annoys kids and do not allow them to play without shelter. What do you derive out of this?” No one answered. I huffed and puffed. Seven billion people are not able to stop a star from burning them.

And then I heard a voice. I looked around. There was no one. The voice was familiar. Maybe it was the voice of the sun. Or maybe, it was my inner voice. “You have only yourselves to blame. Constant pollution, constant littering and wasting of natural resources is making the sun rob the earth of its happiness.” It said.

I stopped, pondering. The voice kept probing. “Yes, it’s true. Kids are robbed of their holidays, parents are robbed of relaxation, common people are robbed of taking a stroll on the pavement, teachers are robbed of taking classes under the tree….and the list is endless. But only yesterday you found your friends uprooting little plants from the garden just for fun. Did you stop them? No! You laughed with them.” The voice accused. “So as the children of this Universe, what are you doing to reduce the heat and to retain the climatic balance? The sun is imperative, but too much of it can cause ill health. You know this, but never take the first step forward.”

The voice faded away. But it didn’t die. It still reverberates in my heart.

I am pledged to make a change. I am doing my best to plant trees, to stop wastage of water and electricity, to preserve energy. Let’s see if kids can enjoy their holidays next year.


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