Suffering Robbery

Fareena Nagori

Born in July 1997 to truck driver Saidurrahman Nagori and Ruqayya Bee, Fareena Nagori hails from Mahidpur, Madhya Pradesh. She is pursuing B.Sc from Government college, Mahidpur and wants to be a professor in future.

Father met with a terrible experience at Hyderabad. It happened about 15 days ago. My father and younger brother used to drive together. Father was waiting for money in Hyderabad city. Brother went to the transport to collect the dues. He had to spend the day there to get the money, after which my father and brother left the place.

On the way back they faced heavy rains. Father alone was the driver. My brother is a cleaner. Father kept driving in the rains and moved a bit ahead. There was an Indica car in the desolate place. The car had four persons and they came ahead after sometime, charging, “You have stuck our car!” They started abusing and threatening. Father pleaded that he had not done any such thing. But they pulled out the truck keys. They said, “We are eating in a dhaba nearby, get Rs. 20000and come there to take the keys.” After they left, father started the truck directly and left that place. Had he not left that place, they could have returned and done something. These were the persons who threaten others on the roads and rob them. Sometimes the drivers can even lose their lives.

The poor drivers take so much risk day and night and these thieves rob them.

Post this, father went to Ujjain with the goods. He was waiting for two days with the goods. Then the truck was emptied. After 2-3 days he got the goods for Madras. Father was already tensed due to delay for a few days. The moment he went to the factory for filling the goods, there was a noise and the truck conked off. He tried starting it but it was not starting. The reason was, the self had got defective due to adhering wires when he started without the keys. Due to this, father had to lose Rs. 5000. He had to pay for losses due to the thieves. He had neither stuck their vehicle nor was it scratched. Yet he had to undergo losses without any reason.

In road robberies, people’s mobiles, money and their goods are stolen often. In our mohalla at Mahidpur, our neighbor MO Jameel Nagori was attacked in his vehicle by the robbers. When we hear of such robberies we tremble that hope our father and brother are okay. When he doesn’t call up for some time, we have negative thoughts in our minds, and  hope he has not had an accident. The driver’s work is one of toiling day and night. In forests he doesn’t get to eat and has to stay hungry. We can merely feel their troubles, none knows what they have to endure.

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