Such is Life

Mandava Swaroopa

Born on 29th October 1997, Mandava Swaroopa lives in the village of Bethavole in Telengana. She is in BSc IIIrd year and plans to go for Post Graduation after the completion of her course. Her father’s name is Mr. M. Saidulu, who is married to Mrs. M. Upendra and his profession is driving a truck.

I vividly remember the time when my father met with a road accident and was injured. As he lay in a critical condition with no possibility of getting back to work for a few months, my family had to face many problems – a scenario which is all too common in India.

Every year, many people die because of road accidents making it imperative for everyone to follow traffic rules. Due to road damage, natural calamities, blockage of roads, driving becomes very dangerous here. In winter season too, driving is very difficult due to heavy rains in the areas where my father has to drive. Sometimes, thieves rob money at night which complicates things for people like my father. Despite all these problems, my father always drives carefully and tries to be safe.

It is not easy, though! Sometimes my father has to drive all through the night even if he’s feeling sleepy or is tired as that is the only source of his income Probably that’s the reason why he gives so much importance to his work.  At other times, when he travels for long distances, he feels homesick and suffers a lot. If my father doesn’t return home on time, my mother, sister and I get really worried. Especially my mother. ‘When will he come home? What has happened to him?’ is what she keeps asking me constantly, fearing for my father since he is a truck driver.

What I have learnt from my father is to be hardworking. He has a lot of dedication for his work. He is a good driver and always follows the traffic rules. I am still learning to drive slowly and safely from my father. Roads are always busy with buses, cars, lorries and pedestrians and so many other vehicles. “Start early, drive slowly and reach safely”, my father always tells us my father.

My father is very caring and he loves me and my family a lot. Without my father, I feel helpless. He is like my backbone. I too grow restless inside when he doesn’t reach home in time, though I don’t let it show like my mother. But I am scared. One accident has taught me how unnerving it can get, if my father isn’t his usual energetic and cheerful self. If he is depressed, the spirit and happiness of the whole family is gone for good.

My dad has always been a protective shield around me and my family. 

I wish I could protect him too, with all that I have.

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