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With the mention of strong women, the first name that comes to my mind is that of my father’s sister, Bharti Vazirani.
Ishu didi, as we fondly called her was a strong, independent lady, who made it a point to be there for anyone who needed her help, at any time of the day or night. She worked as a nurse in KEM hospital for many years and saved up even the boiled eggs given to her, to take home to her siblings.
She married late in life and had no children of her own. We were all her children. She worked in the Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers for many years. She was a wonderful support to her husband and took care great care of him when he got a paralytic stroke. His exercises, diet etc. were all her responsibility.
At the same time, didi was well versed with banking, investments and took great care of how she spent her money.
After the unfortunate death of her husband in a car accident, didi continued living alone. She kept a few working girls as paying guests and in this way, found company for herself.
If ever anyone in the neighbourhood wanted their blood pressure checked or had to take a shot, she was always ready to help.
Whenever didi visited us, she would straightaway enter the kitchen and get to work. Laziness was not a word in her dictionary.
She was always curious and eager to learn about the different applications on her cell phone.
She went for meetings of senior citizens, and always won the games, including tug of war. I clearly remember her telling me, that she hated to lose.
Today, Ishu didi is not among us. But she lives in our hearts, as a shining example of a person who made every moment of her life worthwhile. She will remain with us forever in our fond memories of her.



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