Stranger Than People

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Kurian Cyriac is a creative consultant by day and an independent artist by night. He has explored various turfs in the media industry and currently works with clients/companies in building their brand. He has a strong passion for arts & creative writing. You can know more about him from his website

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20:30 Hrs on a watch might just be a time, but, for me it was half past the start of CSK vs RCB premiere league match. I am alone and stranded at an uninhabited boulevard waiting to get home after a long day at work. Lost, I hoped a bus or a rickshaw would find me to take me home. Instead, I happened to meet two complete strangers – both Stranger Than People!

The first stranger was an old man, with a crisp-edged moustache and a bold stature. His strangeness was apparent when he spoke asking for directions. He had a voice that contradicted his personality, a voice of a woman. I shrugged in response, trying not to initiate any conversation.

“What could be worse than an awkward conversation in an awkward moment, with an awkward person,” I thought.

He stood by me thinking I stood at a bus stop.

Moments later the second stranger walked towards us. A woman clad in a red & yellow sari, walked past and stood on my left. And I, was of course another stranger to the ones standing beside me. I had unofficially made a bus-stop in the middle of nowhere where buses and rickshaws rarely passed. And finally, when a bus passed by, it made an unofficial halt seeing us stranded with one another as strangers.


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