Stranded in Srinagar

Reetika Mathawan

Born in March 1994, to truck driver Surjit Singh and Gurmeet Kaur, Reetika Mathawan hails from Kathera in Jammu and Kashmir. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Botany in Uttarakhand. Reetika aspires to be a lecturer and also serve society by educating poor students for free.

One day when my father had gone to Srinagar, there was landslide on the road and it got blocked. In this area, there was no network of any telecom company and so, he had no way of contacting us. Also, due to bad weather, there was no electricity supply to that area. He couldn’t even charge his mobile phone. I and my family members were all very worried.

Until now, whenever he went on a trip, every day he would call us and talk about his health and enquire if all was okay at our end. This time, when he went on the Srinagar trip, was the first time that we heard absolutely nothing from him. When we tried calling my father too, we kept getting the message that the phone is switched off and this made us very anxious indeed.

A few days later, the road was cleared by the Armed Forces and vehicular movement commenced. My father finally managed to call us by charging his phone at some place, and we all heaved a sigh of relief. It was only then, that we learned of all that had happened – how he had stayed at the site of the landslide for about five days and then run out of food, and how a rescue helicopter came to issue food packets to the stranded persons.

When he told us this story, all of us felt very happy and relieved that he was safe and no danger had befallen him. Finally, when my father came to home from Srinagar, everyone in the family was pleased to have him back at home. Considering how stressful and anxious those five days were for us, I’m very grateful to God for helping my father.

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