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Aniket is a management undergraduate student. He is an observer, a bit creative and a learner.

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In the midst of hot brutal summer, there is something supernatural in the breeze of the summer morning. When you hark to it, it seems like it is provoking something out of your normal routine life.

One morning the cold, fresh breeze whispered to me. I automatically closed my eyes and it took me to the world full of imaginations and positivity. There I saw one familiar face. His body appeared to be shrunken. He was lying on the bed, with one leg on the pillow, arms folded, his stomach was loosened and was hardly visible. He was lying on the bed under a tree, which was enlightened with the bright rays of light from behind. He was not in the position to stand. But when he saw me, he tried to get up. After several attempts he somehow managed to sit. He was constantly staring at me with wet eyes and faded face.

I don’t know what he was thinking of me. I don’t know what he felt when he saw me. But I believe that he must be regretting his deeds in the past. He must be regretting for not being nice to others, for making others suffer, for scolding others, for often criticizing others. He was regretting for his every single deed. After a while his hands started to shake and he slowly fell down on the bed. I don’t know why, I wanted to help him, but I didn’t. I heard him whispering my name. Slowly and gradually the whispering turned into strong and loud voice. And then it opened my eyes, both the ways.

It was him, asking for a glass of water. I gave him a glass of water. Most of the water he drank was leaking from his mouth. He took a long deep breath and smiled at me. He said, “No one  commits mistakes deliberately, it happens unknowingly. So forgive everyone. Always be niece to everyone. Don’t criticize anyone. Always talk gently and peacefully”. And he stopped.

I felt, through me he was asking God to forgive him. I felt as if he was trying to cure himself of his sins. I felt he was educating me, to not repeat the things he did.

In a shaky voice, he asked me to put him to sleep.

And it’s since been thirty years that he is in the long, deep and never ending sleep.

Under the endless sky, warm sun-rays and cold breeze were penetrating to my eyes. I saw my child with pictures of him in his hand, lying beside me. I looked at the pictures, smiled at them and whispered “thank you”.


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