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Kalpana Shukla

Born in September 1991, Kalpana Shukla is the daughter of truck driver Mr. Dinesh Kumar Shukla and Mrs. Anita Shukla. She hails from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Kalpana wants to be a teacher.

Fathers always try to provide their children a secure and better future but being a truck driver, he is unable to give us time. Because of the compulsions of his job, he could not see our growing up from a toddler to an adult. A child needs the support of his parents at each step. Whenever father is at home, he gives us all his love and support. He does those little things to make us feel special. He pampers us and fulfil our wishes. However small his stay at home may be, he ensures to make every moment full of life and joy for us. We feel blessed when he is at home. Sometimes, we ask him not to do so because then, we miss him more.

When my father does not return home on time we feel bad. On the festive occasion of Diwali, my father had to go to Kanyakumari and had to stay there for a month due to some reason. We were sad and didn’t feel like celebrating Diwali at all. We prayed to god to send our father home as soon as possible. This happens on all the festivals because togetherness makes a festival. Our happiness is crippled and celebration is meaningless in the absence of father.

My mother makes every attempt of staying strong and doing everything so that we don’t miss father but we have seen her crying furtively. She would be very happy with father being around.  When he is unable to come home on time, we pray for his wellbeing and we support each other.

Road mishaps are an inseparable part of a driver’s life. Once, father was travelling from Chennai to Kanpur.  In the way, some bad guys needlessly indulged in a scuffle and hit my father.  Somehow, my father managed to escape from there. When he reached home, we strictly told him to leave this job. But, he explained to us that risk is everywhere in life. We understand that father knows his responsibility towards his family which needs money to be fulfilled.

We can enjoy either his presence or means of sustenance. So, he makes the sacrifice. That’s the thing about this job of driving a truck- however sad or worried you may feel when your father gets late, you can’t complain. You just thank God when you see him standing hail and hearty at the doorstep and forget everything else. A truck driver’s children know that they can’t get the whole and have to be contended with the part they get. They learn to be contended because be him with them or not, a father is a father.

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