#StoryOfTheMonth September 2017 by Anindita Chatterjee

Researches into the category of literature now popularly known as ‘Children’s Literature’ have discovered several complex notions situated within the world presented in ‘Children’s Literature’. Children’s literature is not necessarily what is written by adult for children’s consumption, for there also exists a parallel body of literature written by children themselves which is not subjected to any form of adult intervention. In such stories, which children write themselves, one can come across unusual fantasies, images of dream fulfillment, moments of magic and fairy tales and several other images in such ways that are much different from that which the adult writer conjures up.

The writer of the ‘Snowman Story’ is a child who describes an adventurous tryst with a snowman which he had created one winter. He had built it with care, affection and love. The child narrator who describes the story finds a friend in the snowman. Surprisingly enough there is no adult persona in the story which makes the reader realise how desperately the child was attached to his self created snowman with whom he imagined spending a night out watching football match, eating pop corns together. It could be a piece of the child’s imagination or it could be a pent up desire of a lonely child craving for companionship and friend and the story never gives a final answer to that question which enhances its appeal altogether. The story strikes me for its simplicity and lucidity and it gives a foray into the innocent and simple alleys of a child’s mind and helps us delve into the consciousness of a young mind.

In our negotiations with the day to day realities of life, our quest for growing up fast our identities are so fraught with trying to find answers on who we wish to be, that we often forget to ask simple questions on who we really are from inside, what we wish to do from the bottom of our mind. The child in us lives with pent up dreams and fantasies who gradually grows up with the world and learns to give up on them. The story probes into the innocent mind and shows how a little mind can find happiness from the simple things in life.