Slow and Steady

Annu Dahiya

Annu Dahiya is the proud daughter of truck driver Mr.Suresh Dahiya and Ms.Sunita Dahiya. Born in August1996, she hails from Sonepat , Haryana. Currently pursuing Masters from Baba Masthanath University Rohtak, Annu is determined to become a lecturer once she finishes her studies.

We are four family members, myself, my brother and parents. My mother is a housewife. My brother is four years younger and doing his 12th. And I am pursuing M. Sc. I wish to complete my studies and be a lecturer. Hence I am focusing on my studies a lot so that I can educate myself and lead a good life, and also shoulder my father’s responsibilities. My father has struggled a lot to provide me the right upbringing and I wish to make my father proud. We were very poor, he toiled day and night and gave us a good life. And today, we are a happy family, thanks to all his hard work.

 Initially, my father was a teacher in a small school. At that time, there were no good schools in the village. The number of students were very less, and the pay to the teachers were also very less.  So my father was unable to meet the expenses of living with the school income. As much as he liked to teach children, the responsibilities he had forced him to find an alternate job. Slowly, he learned to drive a truck and started his career as a truck driver. Initial days were tough for him as well as for us. We were not used to him being away from us for this long. It’s only then we realized how difficult a truck driver’s life is.

He was driving a small truck in lease. Then, with god’s grace, we were able to purchase the same truck. Slowly, we started having a good life and then we took a big truck and my father was able to manage our family well. Things were going on well till that fateful day.

Our truck was used for transport of wheat. . Due to some other important work that came up, my father had to leave a driver with the truck as he couldn’t go by himself. Of course my father trusted this driver. Sadly, the driver was a thief.  His duty was to ferry the wheat sacks from Karkauda to Farmana village. Enroute he looted all the sacks and disappeared. My father was worried as there were no information from him. Then father’s friend called up and said that our truck was parked there and there was none around. My father and uncle went there and saw that all the windows of the truck were open and the goods were missing. He then called the police and filed a complaint and for a few days the police searched for him. He got caught in some days and was put behind the bars.

This incident affected our family a lot. But slowly and steadily, now again our family and truck business is going on happily. My father never leaves his hope and faith and his positive attitude makes everything right.  We wish to meet his expectations so that he doesn’t see any more sadness in life. We are proud of him.

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