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Nazneen is an engineer by profession and a poet at heart! She founded WINGED FABLES so as to promote the concept of storytelling and community gathering among people. She uses her craft to create endless ripples to tune in the melodies of love and harmony. A corporate trainer, writer, and advocate of the Yoga philosophy, Nazneen loves adventure and is fond of traveling, reading, and watching science fiction and documentaries of the stars and galaxies.

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Pious and pure,
fragile and low,
kind and devoted,
was a humble soul.
You won her,
loved her,
fought demons
to save her
so she could step in the fire
and you could abandon her!

Years of exile
didn’t shatter her calm
nor did the expulsion
wound her heart.
Your seeds she nourished
in her womb,
while you were lost
in the worldly doom.
She sustained,
never complained
and years later
you expect the same!

Then you were a God
and now a man
who owns her,
lusts for her,
demeans her
for his devoured self.
Fearing her liberation
you divorce her thrice,
for the storms you bring
she falls like a leaf with no life;
life that you crumble
beneath your feet
while we cry,
“Let her breathe, let her breathe.”

The hour has come
to rise, to retort,
to bring to an end
the callous feats.
There’s no room for parity,
never will that be,
her grandeur is unrivalled
and you must agree
coz she’s Sita
of the 21st century.


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  • Virag Shah10/04/2018 at 10:55 AM

    Beautifully described the entire situation …nice poem ..keep it up

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