Silent Tears

About Indrani Ray

Indrani is in love with words and images, which is why she is passionate about films. It weaves both so beautifully. Otherwise, she is a bit of a book-food-music-art-theatre-travel loving cliche. And she absolutely adores shoes.

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She comes back home.
Empty. Bereft. Desolate.
The timid heartbeats still haunt
Her mind, a blank nothingness

She lays awake,
Shedding silent tears
For a part of her, that’s lost, forever
“Forgive me sweetheart, for I cannot”
She says out loud to her empty room.

Tomorrow, tomorrow
She will curse life for her cruelty.
Tomorrow, she will be strong again.
But for now, she just lays awake,
Shedding silent tears.


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