Shoonya’s Sojourn

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An accountant's journey of 40 years gathering non- financial insights about people , their relationships & their environment . Learning from the experiences of the many who have travelled before and trying to create enjoyable readings from words , ideas and self-realizations .

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The journey began at birth; he was cuddled along, often reprimanded and instilled with ambition and hope. Shoonya had arrived on planet Earth and he was forever fascinated with its workings.

Born to a family of teachers, he absorbed all; written words, for him, was godlike.

He sensed early the power of mind electrons and after dabbling into religious teachings, scientific curiosities, he went to a place, an institution of sorts, where, you had to look internally, eternally.

A daunting task that slowly made his mind pick-up a thread and clean away all the surrounding noises.

He became a performer; absorbing shapes, sounds, words, computations displayed by the thousands of spectators and then sequentially reciting them later; astonishing all. He knew the power of electrons and then, one day, he saw no need to live in a form other than that. He wanted to be only a particle, like the Korean story in which the girl wanted only to be a tree. The trigger was the awesome view of the Universe as he spent a month at a super-large telescope station tracking the innumerable varieties of moons, planets, stars and their exotic creators.

Through intense mind exercises and a will to transform, he was able to release himself from his physical form and continue to live as information in the form of Eon, eternal particle. The process was abrupt for many onlookers, but Shoonya had years of regimented mental discipline to slice and dice and store and transform information. For him, information was life and it made perfect sense to live in a world of information and not of matter. So he lived, encased in a blended particle comprising of gravity, light and energy.

And intuitively he knew, he, now it, cannot be alone. And rightly he found, in his sojourn, beings who had opted for what he chose; to live in eternity; undisturbed, unaffected by the goings-on in the slowly defusing Universe.

Shoonya, who still liked his given name, and the many evolved souls, simply consciousness without bodies, conversed as he went on his search for the end of the universe.

“We are all blessed; we are part of the One; call him God, Nature, or the Supreme Being who is not part of the Universe and lives outside of it.”
The souls uttered, “Why do you accept this state? Don’t you find this boring? This slow death; lingering end of existence?”

”This steady-state, this equilibrium cannot be the cause of universe.” Shoonya said. The souls added, “We live only in the one Word; there is no further pursuit to know.”

“I will take this journey till I see truth.”

And with that Shoonya travelled the edges; the inside of a Black Hole and the point before the Big Bang. And he learnt, the true meaning of Time. Though, the laws of physics had no answers beyond these edges, Shoonya found answers as he went deep.

“I saw and want to share; I came across floating-like objects; not matter but particles arranged across eternity; I saw, what you call God.” He said.
The souls sighed. “We are all part of Him but he cannot be known.”

“I saw floating-forms of equations; mathematical solutions – a Einstein here, a Heisenberg there, and littered with Schrodinger, Subrahmanyan, Bohr, Femat, Hawking ……..” Shoonya smiled.

The perplexed souls were lost on hearing about their God in the form of Mathematics; imaginative, unbiased, forever learning and creating. Shoonya had found the answer at the edges and was immersed in the flow of equations swimming into, within and out of his known Universe. He knew with certainty the eternal cyclical journey of his Universe.


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