She Found Herself!

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Neelam Fernando, a Senior Management professional with over 11 years of experience with Fortune 500’s like Accenture & Unilever ventures chose to decamp as the Head of Service Delivery to follow her passion. She is a full-time storyteller accredited by Kathalaya, the only globally recognised academy for storytelling which is affiliated with International Institute of Storytelling Tennessee, USA. Neelam works with differently abled children, toddlers, kids, teenagers, teachers & corporates, uses storytelling as an effective tool for learning, communication and channelling their inner energy and creativity in a systematic way.

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The ring is missing! It was a proposal gift to her highness from the Rana. The royal priest had performed an elaborate puja so the ring would bind the hearts forever. Lost now…

What else is missing? The Rana’s Love, maybe? Maybe Not! Maybe Rana Knew Only This Way of Love… This is what he saw while growing up, expensive gifts, lavish dinners, gentle behaviour, charming looks. He thought this was enough. Everyone thought the same. This is all what her highness deserves. There is nothing missing or is there? Her Highness, was as lost as was the ring. Everyone seemed to be busy finding the auspicious pricey ring, but no one seemed to find her!

She knows this is not what she wants. However what will she say? How can she explain as she herself believed there was nothing wrong with Rana or this marriage? She owed an explanation to her father, the Mighty King, who never failed anyone in the kingdom. She didn’t want him to believe, he failed her own daughter. Moreover, she also had to find out what she wants if not this, you cannot want nothing. Even a commoner knew, what their goal in life is, so how can she be a princess without an ambition?

That Night, she walked up to her father and told him, “Father, I wish to seek some time before I go with Rana, for there is something I need to explain. If not done now, it will remain unsolved for centuries and many like me will grieve!”

The King replied anxiously, “What on this kingdom is making my dearie grieve??? Tell me, and I shall bring their head to you!”

Her Highness said, “I need no heads, no wealth, no choice, no comfort, no prayers, no wise man’s advice… just some time. If I may ask you, dearest Father, as this is the last gift I shall ever ask you…”

Father granted her two weeks and asked if that was enough. He didn’t want his daughter to be a grieving bride after all.
Her Highness, wandered in the forests, slept under the open skies, sat under the huge banyan tree, spoke nothing, ate less, met no one in these two weeks. The day had arrived and she had to explain why she took time off and what is it that she had to explain, as the king was restless all these days to know what is wrong with his beloved daughter. She invited the king to his garden. He was very fond of this great garden that he had taken care of just like his own daughter. He had travelled his whole life collecting different plants, trees, flowers and took care of them with so much affection, just like one of his own!
The King entered his garden. It was his heaven on earth and what he saw turned his face blue! He couldn’t believe his eyes; His garden was destroyed!!!

“Come here, you useless lot!!! For today shall be your last, but before that you have to tell me, why have you committed an offense like this, which makes no sense but hurt your King a lot??!!” He Shouted at his gardeners.

“Father, no one but me must be punished, as I have committed this unpardonable sin. I had ordered the gardeners to not take care of the garden for two weeks until I am here.”
He said nothing. As he stood there in utter shock, his eyes demanded an explanation. She asked his father, why is this garden dead in just two weeks, if the jungle can withstand itself for centuries without anyone to look after it? The King was surprised by this question, which was so stupid. He thought her highness has lost her mind in these two weeks.

He irritably told her, “How dare you compare my treasured garden, with the shambolic jungle???I have caressed it with love, care and passion all my life!”

She replied, “Why is it different father, they are the same aren’t they, all trees, flowers and plants in the end?”

“NO, NO, NO, the needs of the jungle are different, they don’t need as much love and care.” he shouted.

“I am your beloved garden, My Father.” My needs are different. I need to be loved differently, I am not just a jungle like any other.” She replied softly…

She had explained to the King beautifully why a typical marriage setting which was applicable to all royal princesses just didn’t work for her. The King did not fail her and Rana was graciously denied of the marriage. She went on to find what she wanted, not necessarily a man of her life, maybe her love for people, music, animals, nature, stories or anything she wanted to be. She could be anything she wanted to be and this is how she set herself free…



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