Sharing My Father’s Responsibilities

Zainab Rumana

Zainab Rumana was born in September 1997 to the truck driver Khaja Monnudin Khan and Meraaj Sultana. She belongs to Tandur in Telangana and is learning Computer and Tailoring work. She wants to become a bank account.

My father is a lorry driver and comes across several difficulties while driving. We are five sisters and my father has to take care of everyone’s education and sustain the entire family. He works very hard and drives even in the unfavorable situations like heavy rains and floods. Yet, his income is limited and all our necessities cannot be fulfilled.

Hence, to help my father and reduce his financial burden, I am also learning tailoring work apart from studying. Many times my father has to travel to distant places to deliver goods and does not return home for 8 to 15 days together. We get extremely worried during this time and eagerly wait for him to return.

At times, his lorry breaks down on the road surrounded by forests and he has to wait for several hours for the mechanic and can move only after the lorry has been appropriately attended. My father drives constantly without proper food and rest so that he can feed us well. However, he drives very carefully. Unfortunately, the lorry owner sometimes does not pay salary to my father on time and that’s also one of the reasons for me to learn tailoring work and help my papa. We struggle to survive each day. I am hopeful that one day my family shall overcome this situation.

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