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Kalpesh Vedak is a software engineer working in IT industry for last 10 years. He has published a book, Yodha Dawn Of The Warrior, available on leading sites like google books and kindle. Writing is his hobby and his aim is always to tell stories

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It was 9:30am. I was upset with the morning. My car had decided that it would spring up a surprise for me and it was successful in doing so. With a broken car and rains to make things worse, I stood waiting for my share cab to arrive. I had picked my umbrella in a hurry and it too, like the car, had a small surprise hole in it. Water drops pushed themselves through the hole, and then on my head. It was not a good feeling. Holding the umbrella in one hand and my phone on the other, I tried to check the status of the cab. It was moving towards the pick-up point rather slowly. I could not blame the driver; it was raining and often the first problem that the rain leads to is traffic on the roads.

When my share cab finally arrived, I opened the back door and pushed myself in. It is an art to get into a car, closing your umbrella and the door at the same time so you are not drenched by the rains. I thankfully managed it well and was immediately inside the car.

“Excuse me!” a voice uttered. Without looking at the other side I pushed myself further towards the door. From the voice I knew it was a girl. I wanted to turn my head and look at her but I thought that would perhaps not show me in good light. So I continued to look outside the window, and tried to imagine what the girl must be looking like. She seemed in her late twenties or early thirties. She must be healthy, because with just two people in the back seat, she still needed space. In her life she might not be allowing any adjustments, I assumed. A little bit of discomfort and she was clearly not happy. It also meant she was a self-made woman and an independent one.

I could smell the perfume she had used. It seemed to be a costly one but not generally the one which a woman would use. She has unique choices in her life, I assumed. By the time my head continued to create the picture, the voice came back. “Excuse Me!” I felt a push on my arms.

I was already stuck to the door of the car. “What is her problem?” I thought. I did not want to look back at her because I was upset. This woman was clearly arrogant. She, in her life, must be very hard to bargain. I was sure she did not respect the feelings of others. Is the work pressure and cut-throat culture at offices turning people so much hostile? But I had made up my mind. Another push and I would forget that it’s a woman. I’ll directly ask her what her problem is!

“Excuse Me!” the voice this time was louder, accompanied by a stronger push.

I looked at the other side to be welcomed by a shock even bigger than what the car or the umbrella had given me. There was no woman!

It was a man! And no, it was not his voice but it was his message tone. Every time his phone beeped out a message, it would emit this beautiful voice, followed by the man trying to pull his phone from his pocket which led to his hand pushing me.

I got out of the car and walked towards my office. I thought for a while about how imagination works and how it can create a world that does not exist. Often we do not see things and assume them, based on our own prejudices. The share cab taught me an important lesson.


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