Searching Life on Roads

Saiyad Afreen

Born to the truck driver Mr. Saiyad Ismail Ibrahim and Mrs. Shaheen Bee Ramzaan, Saiyad Afreen hails from Maharashtra. Born in April 1999, Afreen wants to be teacher.

Truck driving is like gathering pieces of life scattered everywhere. The driver goes in search of them. He returns with a few pieces, hands them over to his family and again goes away. This search never ends.

 My father has been driving a truck for twenty years. Many incidents have happened with my father and keep happening unannounced, wherein my father has to suffer a lot. Sometimes due to pits on road, sometimes brakes stop working, sometimes due to bursting of tyres and sometimes, some other hurdles test him. For these obstructions on road, he takes twice the time he would normally take. He doesn’t get proper food, proper sleep and faces great difficulty in reaching home.

Nature seldom favours the truck drivers. Every season compete with each other in posing troubles. Heavy rains result in felling of the roadside trees and halt the traffic. This results in an unwanted delay in delivering the goods or returning home. Sometimes, continuous downpour leads to floods and make the truck drivers jobless. Sometimes, rains are the cruelest.  Bridges collapse and home-bound drivers are stranded needlessly for days.

Once the thieves tried to take away the stuff form my father’s truck. He got down with courage and fought them back, saving the things from going missing. Once, when my father was driving at night, a truck coming from the front bumped on my father’s truck and fled. At that time, my father was grievously injured.

Often, my father drives for the whole night and falls ill due to lack of sleep. Despite illness, he has to drive the truck for our sake. My father had to face many difficulties but he emerged successful. Still, he works very hard and prays for our success. He has made countless sacrifices to keep us happy. We are proud of our father. He got us educated and made us capable. He did not let us suffer whatever his circumstances were.  We want to fulfill his hopes, want to grow further and achieve success to make him happy.

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